Theresa Manning
A New  Novel by Mario Almonte
A novel about a lost girl and a man without a clue.

A young woman fights for her life in the hospital after a violent domestic dispute in which she killed her husband. The man she called for help is a former lover who must explain to police why, as she lay bleeding and barely clinging to life on the floor of her apartment, her husband nearby in a pool of blood - he is the only person she thinks of calling after they supposedly had not seen each other in nearly half a year?

Theresa Manning is a lyrical and deftly written novel about two people trying to find their path to redemption, believing they did not need each other but discovering they needed each other more than they could ever know. It takes readers on a journey of discovery as the events of the fatal evening unfold. In the end is the realization that sometimes redemption is not the final destination in life but the beginning of another long and equally difficult journey. On Amazon at
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